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I’m still enjoying these limited release brews and have a few more in my fridge. Christmas is only 4 days away!

Smuttynose Winter Ale 5.10%

Yeasty malty beer with spice on the after taste. Not as spicy as most winter warmers but has a holiday friendly taste. The overarching flavor is caramel with a very light spice. From New Leaf Market

Dogfish Head Punkin Ale 7%  If Harpoon Winter warmer is apple pie beer then Dogfish Head Punkin ale is Pumpkin Pie Beer. Great Pumpkin flavor, plenty of spiciness without being too sweet. Fantastic beer that has entered my regular holiday lineup. From the Liquer Loft

Weyerbacher Winter Ale 5.6%  A dark brown winter ale that is is mild, drinkable and a little sweet. Any spicy notes must come from the hops because this is not a Winter Warmer- just a winter ale. I was hoping for more from Weyerbacher. Their Imperial Pumpkin is one of the most In-Your-Face pumpkin ales Ive tasted. I was expecting their winter brew to knock my socks off. It was just good. From Market Square Liquors


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Four More Christmas Beers!

I tried more holiday beers this weekend.

1. Abita Christmas Ale  5.50% I enjoy most of the beers Abita puts out- Turbo Dog and Purple Haze are good but the Christmas Ale disappointed. It is an ok brown ale that just did not deliver the spice or flavor I was hoping for.

2. Allagash White spiced beer 5.50%  A very enjoyable wheat beer with spicy overtones. Think about Blue Moon with a better flavor profile. Easy drinking and had the citrus flavors you would expect from a Wheat beer. The spice is light and does not overpower the beer. This one is available all year and is not necessarily a winter beer.

3. Bison Organic Gingerbread ale 6.8% A nice malty holiday beer. The gingerbread flavor comes through if not a little too sweetly. Its not ginger like a regular ginger beer but Gingerbread- like drinking a cookie. Worth a try!


4.  De Dolle Stille Nacht 12% Oh my goodness what a beer. I love Belgians and this one did not disappoint.  Yeasty Bready with great sweetness and body. The Malts really take center stage with some spice or clove flavors on top. Really can not get over how great this one was sipped in front of the fire. Go buy it now!



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