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Its Decent…

The Blue Building on the corner... Its DecentWhen we moved back home to Tallahassee we were worried. Spoiled by all the great pizzerias in Atlanta, Pizza Hut and Papa Johns just didn’t cut it anymore. Where would we get a good slice of big city pizza in Tallahassee. Well early on we discovered Decent Pizza on Monroe street near Midtown. Its actually great!

You can order pizza by the slice all day & PBR, our favorite pizza beer, is only $1.50 in the can. They have Sweetwater on draft and a decent selection of other beers.

Inside Decent

The pizza is exactly what you expect. Big slices, chewy dough and more toppings than you could ask for including Bradley’s country sausage. I tend to go for combos with meat, Jessi enjoys the pizza margarita and Hawaiian.

One of the best things about Decent is the atmosphere. Its filled with a great buzz of customer chatter, kitchen noises and super music. The eclectic mix of music is matched by the patrons. You see a cross section of Tallahassee, every age & every kind of person.

A slice

There are other good pizza places in town- The same guy who started Decent started Momo’s a few years before. He had a non compete and started another restaurant in Athens, Ga. Then returned to Tallahassee and opened Decent. Momos is good- just not our favorite. Another favorite since high school is Barnaby’s. You have to wait for a review of that one!

Dress- anything goes

Cost- $10

1026 North Monroe Street, Tallahassee, FL‎ – (850) 222-6400‎

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