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Good Sour Mix


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Normally we like independent places over chain restaurants. They tend to be unique, fresher ingredients and more accommodating. Friends know I’m always suggesting local alternatives. So we were surprised to discover that the best margarita we’ve had in Tallahassee was at Ted’s Montana grill. What makes it so good? Their sour mix is made fresh- not the typical bottled stuff you get in most bars. After asking several servers and bartenders we finally pieced together the recipe.

Full batch                               1/5 batch
2 quarts lime juice                 1.6 cups
1.5 cups lemon juice             1/3 cup
1cp orange juice                    1/5 cup
1.5cp egg white                     1/3 cup

Simple Syrup:
5cp h2o                                 1cup
5cp sugar                              1cup

Make the simple syrup first and chill.

Then Mix the juices and egg whites. The egg whites are optional- they just make a frothier drink.

Mix the two together and keep it in the fridge.

One other idea… Ted’s makes a margarita with Bombay Sapphire gin instead of tequila. It’s Great!

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