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The Black BeanFor some reason Barry and I get a hankerin for Cuban food on Sunday afternoons. Not sure why, we just do. Typically our Cuban restaurant of choice is Gordo’s, a fantastic dive near FSU’s campus, This time though, we decided to go to the Black Bean on Appalachee- very good choice.
First of all you must order their Mango Sweet Tea as quickly as you can, squeeze tons of fresh lime juice and you will be immediately refreshed. This wakes up your taste buds, helping you decide what should be enjoyed next. For us, the next taste experience that’s absolutely necessary to the Cuban experience is to order an appetizer of the Maduros. These are sweet morsels of caramelized, ripe plantain perfection. As stated in my subject line, the addition of fresh lime juice squeezed all over these slightly crispy on the outside, silky smooth n sweet on the inside morsels of culinary pleasure, with just a pinch of salt puts Maduros right over the edge for me. Probably not the most traditional way of eating them but I don’t care and you won’t either after trying them that way. Steak Sandwitch and MadurosNext, my pressed Steak Sandwich with grilled onions, swiss American cheese, topped with those crazy awesome potato sticks. The sandwich is wonderful just as it is but as you will learn, I love the perfect condiments. This calls for lime juice and their tangy hot sauce. The combination is just brilliant. Our lunch companion Natalie ordered her favorite Guava Habanero BBQ Pork Sandwich… need I say more? It’s enough to feed a normal person at least twice and I imagine the leftovers are even better the next day.

MasatasBarry ordered the best dish of all though. Frankly, I’m salivating and speechless. The dish is called Masitas. This is slow cooked pork cut into kabob size chunks, DEEP FRIED and topped with grilled onions and mojo. Seriously, it’s indescribably good. Crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside. It was recommended by a some of Barry’s clients, a Cuban couple. This was served with their Congri- Red beans and rice cooked together with Spanish sausage (as if one needed more pork… wait, did I just say that??? NEVER too much pork). Barry likes the Congri at Gordo’s Better.

There is so much more we look forward to trying. Sometime for breakfast I must get their Guava Cheese Empanadas with a Cafe Con Leche. I’ll let you know if it’s worth the drive. Another thing we need to try there is The Arroz con Pollo- yellow rice and chicken with sofrito, wine and beer and so much more… I really need to hang out with more Cubans…

The portions are generous. The atmosphere is informal and unpretentious. It’s very family friendly, kids eat grilled cheese or black beans and rice FREE. Do remember the limes. The Black Bean is never in short supply of limes and you absolutely cannot go wrong adding more lime juice to most any dish you order. If you’ve eaten there, please let us know what else we need to order. Happy eating!

Dress – Casual

Cost $10 per person

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