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I’ve been  embarrassed when friends visit and want to go out for seafood here in Tallahassee. Sure we can go to a nicer restaurant for Grouper or Snapper- Or drive an hour to the coast for dinner. But until recently there have not been any places in town that have good fried fish. Thats changed with the Wharf Express opening in several locations in town.

I prefer the one off Magnolia and the parkway- the old Catfish Pad location. Free WiFi and a nice outdoor seating area.

You can get a plate of fried Mullet for $9 or the Panacea Platter is Shrimp, Oysters, Crab Cake and Mullet for $13!

Crab Cakes and Shrimp!

Cheese Grits are good, Crab cakes are tasty and the prices are right!


Casual Dress $15 Max

3348 Mahan Drive, Tallahassee – (850) 668-1966

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A French Bakery in Tallahassee- you bet!

Au Peche Mignon is located in market square off Timberlane road. As you open the door the smell of baking bread, coffee and sugar greet you. They have a fantastic selection of pastries and a case of gourmet chocolates.

Jessi’s favorite- Petit Geteau L’Orange Light Meringue filled with Orange Cream.

I prefer the Salambo- an Éclair filled with Rum Custard

There are lots of choices so there should be something to satisfy anyones taste. The Cakes, Bread and croissants are excellent. And they make a very good espresso or Café au lait.

I think of this as a to go place- There are just a few tables inside and out front and they are usually filled.

1415 Timberlane Rd Ste 109 Tallahassee, FL 32312

(850) 668-5533

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Two trips in and I am happy to say there is finally good Thai food in Tallahassee!

Siam Sushi is right next to the Lake Ella Publix in the old Hopkins Eatery Location. Since the name is Siam SUSHI with “Authentic Thai” in small letters underneath, I was prepared to be underwhelmed. Met a buddy for lunch and decided to try the basics. Steamed Spring Rolls, Pad Thai and Thai Ice Tea. The Peanut dipping sauce for the spring rolls was the perfect peanut flavor without just tasting like watered down peanut butter. The Thai Ice tea was creamy and full bodied and the Pad Thai was right! It was fresh and the flavor was excellent.

I know the Miso Soup is not Thai but it was good!

Tonight I returned with Jessi. We started with a big bowl of Tom Kha- Creamy Coconut milk soup and Hiyashi Wakame- Cold seaweed salad marinated in sake. I know the Wakame is Japanease but it sounded great and it was a larger portion that you usually get in a Sushi restaurant- I could taste the Saki and there was a sprinkling of flying fish row on top.

The Soup exceeded our expectations-there were Thai mushrooms and real lemongrass in the bowl. Rich and creamy, it is the best we have had since coming back to Tallahassee. Jessi liked the fresh cilantro and chopped scallions on the top.

For dinner Jessi ordered an Ivory Roll, Chicken tempura, cream cheese, avocado, asparagus, wasabi lime mayo. It was big and very tasty- she was happy. I got the Basil fried rice with chicken- Oh my! The smell of fresh Basil was amazing. It was very well seasoned and is so beyond is description of fresh basil, onions, bell peppers and carrots.

Next time I’m trying the Panang curry!


1700 North Monroe Street, Tallahassee – (850) 391-9021

Lunch- $10   Dinner $15 -$20

Dress is Business casual- The restaurant has a nicer atmosphere in the evenings.

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Dog Et All

Today is National Hot Dog Day so I had to take some time to review Dog Et All, This place is no ordinary hot dog stand…its been featured in Southern Living!

This classic hot dog shop is located on South Monroe and feels like you stepped back into the 50’s The walk up counter, checkerboard floors, friendly staff and eclectic customers make this place a Tallahassee Classic!!

When you go to the counter be sure to ask what kind of dogs they have… you will get the TOUR OF DOGS.

You got your Little Dog, Big dog, Supper Dog, Footlong Dog, BigFoot Dog, Polish sausage…. and the list goes on!

Order up a combo and you get your dog with home made chips, drink and a pie! You can add the following to your dog at no additional charge!


My favorite is the Big Corn Dog. They are fresh dipped in a very tasty batter!!

So go celebrate National Hot Dog Day at Dog Et All!


Location: 1456 South Monroe Street Tallahassee, FL 32301-4349

Phone:  (850) 222-4099

Dress: Casual of course!

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Jessi and I met out for lunch today. I asked where she wanted to go and the first word out of her mouth was HOPKINS. Hopkins Eatery is the quintessential womens lunch date place. Most of the men are there with their wives or girlfriends… or women they wish were their wives or girlfriends.

Hopkins has been around Tallahassee for years- I remember back in college eating in their old North Monroe shop  next to Barnacle Bills. Its one of those places you run into people you know. I have never made it through a lunch without stopping to say Hi to someone!

They have two locations The Lake Ella Publix shopping center and Market Square. The Menus are almost the same at both. The Lake Ella Location has a grill so they serve some more manly food- burgers, Meat Loaf sandwiches and patty melts. All are good- the Meatloaf is exceptional!

Their “standard” sandwiches are interesting – today we had a Hawaiian and a Black Bird

Black Bird at the top, Hawaiian below

The Black Bird has Turkey, Cream Cheese, Black Olives, Celery, Green Peppers, Sunflower Seeds, Lettuce, Tomato, Onions, Mayonnaise, and Parmesan dressing. Served hot on a Wheat roll. Jessi substituted the wheat for Rye Pumpernickel swirl.

The Hawaiian has Smoked Ham, Cream Cheese, Pineapple Slices, Lettuce, and Mayonnaise. Served on a Poppy Seed roll.
We also like the Zorba, the Guac, and the Cordon Bleu
Here is a link to the menu so you can read those ingrediants: http://www.hopkinseatery.com/documents/hopkins_menu.pdf
My favorite thing about Hopkins is the desserts! They always have cake but I like their bars.
I’m normally a Heath Bar guy but today I had the Hello Debbie. MMMmmmm Hello Debbie! They are big enough to split between two people!
1660-9 North Monroe near Lake Ella 850-386-1809
1415 Market Street in Killearn 850-893-4721
Both have free WIFI
Casual Dress and Kid friendly.

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There is something special about a home grown resturant- and how can you not love a home grown Doughnut shop!!

The Donut Kingdom has two locations in Tallahassee. Ive only been to the one on Tennessee st near the FSU campus. When you pull up you know this is not a chain!

They have WIFI- and a Hot Now sign 😉

The selection is good- Cake, Filled, Glazed and Sugar coated. You can tell they are not over-making. there are enough to get what you want and not so many they will be stale.

I’m really a cake doughnut fan- love a plain cake and coffee! Have not been able to get that in town since DD closed.

The Goods!

But I’ve got to say the Glazed is the best- Very Yeasty and light with the perfect amount of glaze. Different than a Krispy Kreme glazed.

Tallahassee’s Krispy Kreme owner broke my heart. About a year ago he pulled the doughnut making machine out of the N.Monroe location. Now they warm up pre-made  doughnuts and put the Hot Fresh sign on…. YOU CAN TELL- YUCK!

I think I’m over KK and will be a DK guy from now on!

Donut Kingdom 685 West Tennessee Street, Tallahassee, FL (850) 222-1080

Price- $ its a doughnut shop

Dress- you can wear your slippers and PJs

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The Posey family is not longer in charge- Now its Mad Anthonys – Same view but different food.


Its the 4th of July and all I can think about is the beach and the water! We love driving down for the day and are always on the lookout for good seafood. The Poseys family in Panacea has been serving up Florida seafood for generations. Recently they took over the old HookWreck Henery’s location at the Panacea Marina. While we grieved the demise of HookWreck’s we are happy there is a cold beer and grouper sandwich waiting on us at the boat ramp.

View from the dock.

This is the only reasonably priced water front dining I know of in our area. The view is worth the drive- but the food seals the deal. Oysters, Grouper (Blackend, Grilled or Fried), Shrimp and dont miss the fish dip.

View from the outside seating

There is inside seating in the cold AC but we really prefer sitting at one of the outside tables or at the Tiki Bar. The Poseys have added a full liqueur bar so you can get a Rum and Coke with your steamed shrimp. The bar is hopping on the weekend. The resturant is right between the boat ramp and the marina dock so there is lots of action on the water. On a weekend the antics at the ramp can be worth the price of admission!

Macon, the fork lift operator, taking a boat out at the end of the day. See if the Marina Office is open ask if he has any fish dip for sale!

View of the Tiki Bar

Posey’s Dockside is located in the heart of Panacea at the end of Rock Landing Road.

If its a week night call before you go to make sure they are open.

Dress: Flip Flops, swim suit and Columbia shirts.

Atmosphere: Coastal casual: You can show up wet from the beach and no one will care 😉

Cost: $10-$20

99 Rock Landing Rd, Panacea, FL 32346


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Bandidos Burritos

In a town full of Chain Burrito shops and Cookie Cutter Mexican restaurants Bandidos Burrito is its own thing. In the shadows of the Stadium it has a college vibe that cranks up on the weekend during the school year. $1 PBRs bring the students in by the droves. While the crowds are fun, I usually go on a week night or early on the weekends. The food has a home made feel that is comforting. You cant go wrong with Big Burritos that look like someones mom rolled them up. They also serve a good taco on special for only $1 most weeknights. But my Favorite is the chicken enchiladas with extra enchilada sauce. Tender chicken and lots of flavorful sauce.
A surprise is on the dessert menu- Fried Snickers Bar!
Dress: Casual
Atmosphere: College Crowd- inside and outside seating.
Cost- with $1 PBR + $1 Tacos = CHEEP
910 Lake Bradford Rd Tallahassee, FL 32304-4733 (850) 576-3303

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An institution on Pensacola st…
Jim & Milt’s looks exactly like it did back when I was in college and some of the prices have not changed.
Most folks go there for lunch and dinner but its a great place for Breakfast.
You will find it hard to beat their $2.40 breakfast special(2 eggs any way you like them + Grits + Toast+ Coffee)
There Biscuits and sausage Gravy are fantastic and filling.
My favorite thing is not on the menu but they will make it if you ask- a BBQ Pork Omelet. If you have never tried BBQ sauce on scrambled eggs you are missing out!
As their menu says, They do not serve poached eggs.
“Down here we shoot people for poaching!”
Dress: Casual
Atmosphere: Mix of Tallahassee regulars and college students
Cost: $3 to $10
1923 West Pensacola Street Tallahassee, FL 32304-3228
(850) 576-3998

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The HillTop Deli

It would be easy to drive right by the Hill Top Country store and never know there was a deli in the back. There are no gas pumps – just a typical country store with a little hardware, sodas and snacks. But in the back there is a fantastic “not so little” deli.
They have my favorite Chicken Salad in town, the sandwich is enough for two, and great devild eggs. The dessert selection is southern classic- Coconut Cake, Red Velvet Cake and Banana Pudding!

Other sandwiches not to miss- the BBQ Pork and the Cuban!

The Hill Top is way out Mahan Drive on the way to Monticello near the intersection of Mahan and Highway 59

14807 Mahan Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32309-8631
(850) 906-0752

Lunch only

Casual Dress

You can eat at the picnic tables out back- but you better pay first 😉

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